About The Foundation

Kodi’s Message was created in honour of 14-year-old Kodi Pearson who tragically took his own life on July 11 2016 as a direct result of bullying, at school and online. Kodi left his loving family a handwritten note. In this note he left one clear wish, a message … he wanted everyone to know the dangers of bullying, and that it had to stop.

His parents, Michelle and Quentin, and adoring big sister, Tayla, now live with a determined focus – to raise awareness and educate young people and their families about the dangers of bullying so that no other family has to endure the heartache they experience on a daily basis.

Kodi’s Message was created to speak to three distinctive groups: potential perpetrators of bullying, bystanders of bullying (friends, family and teachers), and victims of bullying. The three program pillars are to ‘Think first. Reach out. Speak up’. While the messages are slightly different, the outcome is the same … to minimise the impact of bullying, reduce the stigma attached to suicide and ensure that no more lives are lost.

Education will be facilitated around the provision of information packs for sporting clubs and schools. These packs will be distributed to children aged 12 to 18 and their parents through a variety of ways, and will often be accompanied by a formal presentation by one of the Pearson family. Eighteen-year-old Tayla has committed to speaking to as many young people as possible in her role as ambassador for her brother’s cause.

Our vision is a world free from bullying for our young people.

Kodi’s Message exists to raise awareness around the seriousness of bullying, both at school and online, and the impact it can have on a young person. The program aims to positively influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people through a range of educational programs and initiatives delivered through sporting clubs and schools. Ultimately, Kodi’s Message exists to eradicate bullying and reduce the risk of youth suicide by connecting young people, their parents and the community to the necessary support and assistance.  

Our goal is to encourage action and education. Potential perpetrators are encouraged to ‘think first’, bystanders and friends to ‘reach out’ and victims of bullying to ‘speak up’. 

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