Kodi’s Message exists to raise awareness around the seriousness of bullying, both at school and online, and the impact it can have on a young person. The program aims to positively influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people through a range of educational programs and initiatives delivered through sporting clubs and schools.

Ultimately, Kodi’s Message exists to eradicate bullying and reduce the risk of youth suicide by connecting young people, their parents and the community to the necessary support and assistance.

Our goal is to encourage action and education. Potential perpetrators are encouraged to ‘think first’, victims of bullying to ‘speak up’ and bystanders and friends to ‘reach out’.

With the generous assistance of corporate partners we wish to reach kids between the ages of 12-18 and openly discuss youth bullying and youth suicide. Removing the stigma around these issues and for kids, their parents and the community to openly talk about it.


To achieve our mission we require the assistance of Corporates to partner with us to ensure we can achieve the following objectives:

(a) To address issues leading to suicide and self-harming behaviour with those individuals suffering distress and misfortune or helplessness.
(b) To support those people affected by mental illness, suicide and/or self-harming behaviour.
(c) To provide support services and information to those individuals/families who have lost loved ones to suicide.
(d) To research, develop and implement strategies for the prevention of suicide.
(e) To promote and provide education and training in the prevention of suicide, self-harming behaviour to individuals within the community.
(f) To promote within the community awareness on issues relating to suicide and mental health and enhance the ability of individuals to promote resilience and positive help seeking behaviour.
(g) Working in conjunction with other mental health organisation like Headspace to spread the message and issues around suicide and bullying.
(h) Providing funds for other initiative like Kids Helpline or guest speakers to attend schools.

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