Kodi’s Nullarbor Cycle Challenge 2017 – Support Rider, Bruce P
  • Remaining time:0 days left
  • Donor(s):55
Location:The Nullabor!
Raised: $7,350
Goal: $5,000
Supporter Messages for our riders…

“You’re both out there doing it guys. Kodi will be so proud. Good work x”
– Bowes family, supporting Quentin and Bruce

“Good luck and just think of the beer at the finish line”
– Phillippa & Barry Pearson

“Good on ya Bruce for getting Kodi’s message out there and supporting Quent on the journey. Hope the hip holds up.”
– Beana and Kelly Kyle

“You guys go for it and enjoy Kodi on your shoulders, good luck!!”
– Dea Minehan

“Well done to you both, enjoy your journey together.”
– Karen Burrows

“Good luck guys, Kodz will be guiding the way.”
– Leigh and Deane

– Ruth Priest-Johnson ($20)

“Go Bruce, a big beer will be waiting for you guys at the finish line. Love to you all.”
– Roni & Doug Wright ($20)

“Good luck Bruce. We’re behind you all the way!”
– Westland High School Runanga ($340)

“Give it your all guys.”
– Ray and Dianne Manera ($1000)

“Well done to you both, enjoy your journey together.”
– Karen Burrows

“All the best to Kodi’s riders, will be thinking of you and Kodi. Lots of love from the Tippetts and Pearsons. xo”
– April ($20)

“Good on ya Bruce! So awesome you’re supporting Quent in this and getting Kodi’s message out there. Kodi will be with you all the way.”
– Tarn Murtha

“Good on ya Bruce.”
– Di Henderson ($50)

“Good luck to you all. Such a worthy cause.”
– Alan Pegley ($30)

Best of luck to all the riders but especially Bruce and Quent. Go for it lads!
– Kylee and Richard Habgood ($20)

“Best wishes and go hard guys.”
– Rob and Rach Fox Adelaide ($40)

“Awesome work to you both.”
– Celia Rochford ($20)

“Stay safe out there to all – let’s hope you message is heard as it is one that needs to be taken seriously. We will all be thinking of you.”
– The Tate Family ($935)

“Go Bruce. So awesome you will be riding with & supporting Quent. We will be following & suporting you both. Kia Kaha.”
– Love, The Parker Whānau ($50)

“Congratulations….wonderful effort, we admire you and the whole crew.”
– Ruth & Gary Thompson ($50)

“Kia kaha! Thinking of you all on the epic journey for Kodz.”
– Mark & Viv Watson ($50)

“Great work to everyone involved. Bruce u will be really really really dry by the end.”
– Murray Nixon ($200)

“Respect guys – go well!!”
– Rankin Triplets ($200)

“Good luck to you all.”
– Sharon Pattinson ($5)

“Good effort Bruce and the rest of the boys.”
– Jarred Olson ($100)

“Well done guys. Kia kaha.”
– Diane Overton ($20)