Kodi’s Nullarbor Cycle Challenge 2017 – Support Rider, Olof B
  • Remaining time:0 days left
  • Donor(s):28
Location:The Nullarbor!
Raised: $5,000
Goal: $5,000
Supporter Messages for our riders…

“You can do it!”
– Katey Cronk ($100)

“Anything that can let kids know they are loved is worth the effort.”
– Jan Cronk ($200)

“Great way to support a friend raising awareness for an important cause.”
– Karl and Tarryn Schmidt ($50)

“So happy to be able to support such a worthy cause. Every child deserves to be safe. Riding for all of us that can’t. Go Olof, you can do this.”
– Sally and Andrew ($500)

“Good luck Olof!!!”
– Keely

“Olof, wishing you and the rest of the team all the best as you embark on this epic adventure for an important cause.”
– Cliff Schmidt ($100)

“Mr Boshoff, as you pedal for this great cause, we wish you flat roads [may be a given =)], tail winds and premium chamois cream! Inspiration stuff.  Good luck!”
– Steve, Felicity & Maxwell Flook ($100)

“Go Olof!”
– ACE Materials Handling P/L ($1000)

“Good Luck and thank you.”
– Peta Williams ($20)

“Good work Olof!”
– Nina Korst ($50)

–Sam Benge – Sam’s Fire Drums ($200 from raffle)

“May the roads be flat and the winds always at your back. In memory of Kodi, and in support of an amazing family – the Pearsons.”
– Amy Boshoff ($200)

“Happy riding!”
– Crystal Wilden ($5)

“Great job guys promoting a really important cause – keep going!!!”
– Fiona Perry ($50)

“Good luck to you all.”
– Sharon Pattinson ($5)