Kodi’s Nullarbor Cycle Challenge 2017 – Support Rider, Quentin P
  • Remaining time:0 days left
  • Donor(s):44
Location:The Nullabor!
Raised: $8,128
Goal: $5,000
Supporter Messages for our riders…

Mark Gibson – Akwika Plant Hire ($2000)

“You’re both out there doing it guys. Kodi will be so proud. Good work x”
– Bowes family, supporting Quentin and Bruce

“Would love to be with you!  I will be thinking of you.”
– Sarah Olson ($200)

“Ride safe on those long, long straights Quents! We know Kodz will be peddlin’ away alongside you.”
– Olson & Komene Whanau ($500)

“Kodi, you rascal, I miss you big time. When I get up there with you, I will give you 1000 hugs and one big kick up the bum. Fly high.”
– Chris Bryant ($100)

“Sending our love and best wishes.”
– Bradley Family ($20)

“Give it heaps. Kodz will be with you all the way.”
– Tash McLaren ($100)

“All the best for the ride bro. We will be cheering you on all the way!”
– Toot, Kaz and Georgia ($350)

– Jacqui Manera ($100)

“Go you guys, well done for getting the message out there. Joe will be with you in spirit all the way.”
– Diane & Joe Tapp ($100)

“We will be thinking of you Quentin as you make this memorable journey. Kodi will be with you all the way.”
– Anthony, Charlene, Jake and Lexie ($50)

“We will be cheering you on from the UK. Good luck to all of you. We know Kodi will be willing you on all the way!”
– Kate Hurley

“Great cause and you guys are doing such a great job and I admire your courage and selflessness!! Stay strong.”
– Marty ($100)

“Quent, we are so proud of you. You are an amazing Dad and we wish you love and strength throughout this journey.”
– Carmen, Big Dog, Tiahlee & Cooper ($100)

“We can’t thank you guys enough! Wax on wax off!”
– The Benges ($200)

“Kodi’s Message has hit home with Orrcon Steel Salisbury employees and everyone is supporting you guys 100%.”
– Orrcon Steel Salisbury ($380)

“Thinking of you Quent and Co, what an amazing group doing an amazing thing. Safe pedalling.”
– Erin and family ($30)

“Please accept this donation that was raised at my onsite Auction at Thylungra Road from myself, the LJ Hooker sales team, bidders, buyers and sellers towards the Nullarbor cycle challenge. We are all behind you, and Kodi’s message was heard loud and clear.”
– Sarah O’Dwyer and team ($203)

“Warm up that wax mate.”
– Timothy Scanlon ($200)

“What A Great Cause.”
– Kym Rudolph ($20)

“Good luck to Quentin Pearson so proud of you guys spreading the word.”
– Anne Manera ($50)

“Good Luck For The Journey Such A Great Cause.”
– Kevin & Kay Manera ($50)

“Awesome Quent. Such a great way to get Kodis message out there! We will be following & supporting you & Bruce all the way! Kia Kaha.”
–Parker Whanau ($50)

“Great Waxing Entertainment – Best Of Luck With The Ride.”
– Ray & Dianne Manera ($50)

“Well Done Quent Proud Of What Your Doing.”
– Jas, James & Emily ($150)

“Love your work.”
– Michelle Greaves ($100)

“You’re all doing amazing! The updates are awesome xxx.”
– Lisa Parker ($50)

“Quent, looks like you guys are going great guns. All the best for the rest of your journey. Sending best wishes from the Breeze Family. Will have to hit Bruce up about joining cycling club when he gets back home! Cheers.”
– Brendon Breeze ($40)