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UPDATE May 2018

After many months of fundraising, on Saturday May 5th, the day finally came for  7 year old London Wirihana to have her very first haircut.

London donated 35cms to Variety to be made into wigs, for people who’s struggles were on the outside. Over $4000 was raised from cutting her hair going to Kodis Message, in honour of her Aunty Graces friend Declan and those who’s struggles are hidden away on the inside.

It was Declan’s passing, that inspired London to make a difference, which is why her family and friends, joined Declan’s mum and brother, and Quentin and Olof of Kodis Message, at the local skate park that bears Declan’s name, to reveal London’s new hair.

 It was an amazing opportunity to gather together and share stories about both Declan and Kodi, and the brilliant young men they both were. 

 Olof and Quentin presented an incredibly thoughtful gift to London on behalf of the Kodis Message team, that included some Kodis Message merchandise that she has refused to take off since receiving it.

 London has decided she wants to continue to do her part to help make a difference in the world, and hopefully raise more money and awareness of suicide prevention and anti-bullying, for Kodis Message.



Original Post:

This is 7 year old London Wirihana, and for the longest time she has contemplated cutting her luscious locks for charity.

But recently, her beautiful Aunty Grace lost a close friend to suicide and London decided the time was right; she HAD to help.

And while too young to fully understand what it means for someone to end their life, London’s understanding is enough to know that she never wants another family, friend or loved one to experience the sadness of losing someone to suicide.

London came to her parents with a plan to cut and donate her hair, to help 2 lots of people.

In her own words she wanted to “give her hair to people who’s struggles are on the outside, and donate the money raised from cutting it to people who’s struggles are on the inside.”

So, on May 5th, just shy of her 8th Birthday London will have her very first official haircut, donating 35.5 inches of hair to be made into wigs for kids suffering from Cancer and Alopecia. With all funds raised going directly to ‘Kodi’s Message’ in honour of Declan Lowry, to continue the amazing work they do with suicide prevention and anti bullying.

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