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In the note that Kodi left he had one clear message… he wanted everybody to know how bad bullying was and that it had to stop.

In honour of Kodi’s plea, a group of like-minded people including family members are doing everything in their power to make sure this beautiful young boy’s message is heard. This includes dedicating their time to minimising the impact of bullying in schools and online, reducing the stigma attached to suicide and ensuring that no more precious young lives are lost.


Kodi’s Message aims to speak to three distinctive groups: potential perpetrators of bullying, bystanders of bullying (friends, family and teachers), and victims of bullying.

We would love the opportunity to conduct a formal presentation at your school to your Grade 7-12 students, whether it be to the entire school cohort or a single class. The presentation will be conducted by Kodi’s sister, Tayla Pearson, and will run for approximately an hour.

It will comprise of Tayla speaking and pointing out key signs to look out for, how to help with these signs, statistics, different forms of bullying, brief story on what Kodi went through followed by question time and distributing mental health/bullying awareness pamphlets. The presentation essentially is supporting our three program pillars ‘Think first. Reach out. Speak up’. While the messages are slightly different, the outcome is the same, to minimise the impact of bullying, reduce the stigma attached to suicide and ensure that no more lives are lost.


Through Kodi’s Message, education can be facilitated around the provision of information packs for sporting clubs and schools.

These packs can be distributed to children aged 12 to 18 and their parents, and can also be accompanied by a formal presentation by one of the Pearson family.

Kodi’s sister, Tayla, has committed to speaking to as many young people as possible in her role as ambassador for her brother’s cause.


With up to 46.8% of Australian secondary school students reporting that they have experienced bullying in some form over the past 12 months*, Education is the key to breaking this cycle. Kodi’s Message exists to raise awareness around bullying and to work with schools and educators to reduce the risk of youth suicide. 

Some of the schools we have already visited: Ipswich High, St. Peter Claver, Toowoomba Grammar, Assisi Catholic College, Redbank High, Bremer, Beenleigh State High, Woodridge State High, Marsden State High and Mabel Park State High.

*Hemphill, SA, Tollit, M, & Kotevski, A. (201). Pastoral Care in Education, 30(2), 99-112.





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To address issues leading to suicide and self-harming behaviour with those individuals suffering distress and misfortune or helplessness.

To support those people affected by mental illness, suicide and/or self-harming behaviour.

To provide support services and information to those individuals/families who have lost loved ones to suicide.

To promote within the community awareness on issues relating to suicide and mental health and enhance the ability of individuals to promote resilience and positive help seeking behaviour.

To research, develop and implement strategies for the prevention of suicide.

To promote and provide education and training in the prevention of suicide, self- harming behaviour to individuals within the community.

Working in conjunction with other mental health organisation like Headspace to spread the message and issues around suicide and bullying.

Providing funds for other initiatives or guest speakers to attend schools.


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